9 Key Considerations for Your Ideal Managed Office Location

The demand for flexible office spaces has risen significantly in the post-pandemic world, driven by the shift to remote work. According to Upflex, a well-known platform for booking flexible workspaces, leasing of flexible workspaces went up from just 7% in FY20 to a remarkable 21% in FY23. Upflex expects this trend to continue, with a projected increase to 27% in the current fiscal year. This highlights the ongoing growth and importance of managed office space solutions and business’s inclination towards them.

Finding the right managed office space for your business entails considering various elements, but none is as critical as the choice of location. This decision can profoundly influence your business’s achievements, your employees’ efficiency, and your potential for long-term growth. Your office address is far more than a mere geographic point; it’s a strategic asset of great importance. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an established business entity, the location of your workspace plays an important role in shaping your business success.

Although you might have essential considerations when picking your managed office space location, it’s not easy to overlook some crucial details. To help you, we’ve created a 9-point note to provide you with the knowledge for spotting the perfect managed office space for your business.

What is a Managed Office Space?

Managed office spaces, also known as serviced offices or coworking spaces, provide open-to-customization workspaces for short or long-term rentals. These office spaces are constructed to offer flexibility and affordability while fostering a professional environment suitable for businesses of all sizes. The location you opt for your managed office space is a key factor, as it determines your business’s image, client accessibility, and overall operational efficiency.

Considerations When Choosing a Managed Office Space Location

When choosing a managed office space location, factors like the area’s image, growth potential, flexibility, security, and community opportunities are vital. Carefully assessing these aspects will help you make an informed decision that suits your business goals and improves your workspace experience.

Let’s look into the 10 key considerations when eyeing on a managed office space for setting up your workspace:

1. Accessibility

Easy access to your office is crucial for both your employees and clients. Consider factors like public transportation options, parking facilities, and proximity to major highways. A centrally located office space can make it more convenient for everyone to reach your business, improving your accessibility and visibility.

2. Competitive Environment

Assess the competitive landscape in the area. Are there similar businesses or potential partners nearby? Being in proximity to competitors can provide networking opportunities and help you stay updated on industry trends. However, it may also increase competition for talent and customers, so strike the right balance.

3. Cost

Considering your budget is important when picking your managed office location. Remember, costs may differ depending on the area. Besides the monthly rent, remember to include extra expenses like maintenance, utilities, and parking fees. This thorough evaluation ensures your business can succeed without facing unexpected financial challenges.

4. Amenities and Infrastructure

Check if the managed office space provides the necessary amenities and infrastructure to support your business operations. This includes high-speed internet, meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, and other services that can enhance your productivity and professionalism. Make sure the location aligns with your business needs.

5. Image and Reputation

Your office location contributes to your brand image. Choose a location that aligns with your brand’s identity and values. A prestigious address can impress clients and partners, while a trendy or creative area can attract talent in specific industries.

6. Growth Potential

Consider the long-term prospects of the location. Is it a place where your business can grow and expand? Choosing a location that offers room for growth ensures that you won’t have to relocate as your business evolves.

7. Flexibility

Managed office spaces offer various leasing options, including short-term and long-term contracts. Ensure the location you choose provides the flexibility you need. Avoid getting stuck in a space that can’t evolve with your business needs. Flexibility is key to ensuring your workspace can adapt as your requirements change over time.

8. Security

Security is crucial for your business and employees. Make sure to thoroughly check the security measures at your chosen managed office location, including access control, surveillance, and on-site staff. This careful assessment can promise peace of mind and productivity for your team, guaranteeing a safe workspace for your business to thrive.

9. Community and Networking

One of the unique benefits of managed office spaces is the sense of community and networking opportunities they provide. Check if the location hosts events, workshops, or networking activities that can help your business grow and connect with like-minded professionals.

Choosing the best spot for your managed office space is a serious call. It means thinking about things like location, cost, amenities, and future growth. When you weigh your choices carefully and match them with your business goals, you’ll build a workspace that boosts productivity, reflects your brand, and helps you thrive.


Managed office spaces work for all kinds of businesses, whether you’re a budget-bound startup or an established company that needs flexibility. Serenia, a popular workspace provider in Delhi NCR, offers a range of managed office spaces to suit diverse workspace needs. Situated on the Noida Expressway, it’s an excellent choice for finding the perfect managed office. Its central location and diverse options make it a flexible and convenient workspace solution for businesses of all sizes.

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