Serenia: One of the Best Corporate Party Venues in Noida

Prepping for an upcoming corporate event in Noida? Go for Serenia. We are Noida’s one of the best event venues for corporate parties, seminars, workshops, and product launches.


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Serenia: One of the Best Corporate Party Venues in Noida

Easily Accessible Spot

With easy access via the Noida Expressway, Serenia business event venues in Noida are just a smooth drive away.

A Host of Events Spaces

Find perfect corporate venues for any event in Noida - be it seminars, workshops, corporate parties or product launches.

Premium Location

A premium location that adds a touch of prominence and prestige to your corporate events and business gatherings.

Hassle-free Booking

Take the stress out of event planning with hassle-free booking options — by the hour or a specific slot of the day.

Range of Corporate Party Places in Noida We Offer

We, at Serenia, are your premier destination for any corporate event in Noida. Whether you’re looking for the perfect art exhibition space for rent in Delhi NCR, a venue to host corporate events in Noida, or a place to hold your business meetings – we have got you covered.

Ideal Venue for Corporate Events

We are one of the few business event venues in Noida with versatile spaces ideal for hosting corporate events of all scales, including networking, conferences, conventions, business workshops and corporate lunch & dinner.

Product Launch & Demos

Your product launch is a momentous occasion. We are one of the ideal corporate venues for such an event in Noida as we have the ideal space for impactful product launches and demos. We assure you that your event is nothing short of extraordinary at Serenia.

Art Exhibition Halls and Gallery

Serenia is where art finds its stage. Whether you're an artist looking to exhibit your work or a curator planning a stunning display or need a venue for some kind of a creative corporate event in Noida, our art exhibition space is ready for you.

Indoor & Outdoor Space for Mega Events

Besides offering indoor event spaces, we also offer outdoor corporate party places in Noida. So, if you are looking for an open-air setting perfectly suited for lectures, mega workshops and seminars, check out Serenia.

A Wide Spectrum of Event Spaces

Besides corporate party venues in Noida, Serenia offers a wide spectrum of specialized studio options that cater to various artistic expressions. Our creative studios are tailored to accommodate visual artists, designers, dancers, and fashion enthusiasts, providing dedicated spaces to nurture their craft.

Convention Halls: Ideal for a large corporate event in Noida

Convention Halls

Enjoy spacious accommodation for a large corporate event in Noida, including art exhibitions. Serenia’s versatile seating layout is perfect for seminars, product launches, and corporate celebrations.

  • Spacious accommodation (more than 200 attendees)
  • Spaces well-equipped with Audio/Visual Systems
  • Onsite Support and maintenance experts for real-time assistance
Meeting Hubs: Ideal Corporate Venues for Private Events in Noida

Meeting Hubs

Serenia’s meeting hubs strike the right chord between comfort and functionality. They are top choices for private events, confidential conversations and small business workshops.

  • Optimal seating for small gathering (10-100 attendees)
  • Spaces well-equipped with Audio/Visual Systems
  • Onsite Support and maintenance experts for real-time assistance
Collaboration Zones: Perfect Corporate Party Places in Noida for Informal Get-Togethers

Collaboration Zones

Out of all the corporate party places in Noida, renting a space at Serenia is your best choice if you want to achieve creative excellence. Our collaboration zones can transform your business meetings into dynamic team building sessions.

  • Perfect space for group discussions or festive gatherings (10-100 invitees)
  • Relaxed seating options for casual get-togethers and informal meetings
  • Adaptable space designed to suit various event types and preferences

Our Standout Facilities

End-to-End Event Planning

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Air-conditioned Space

WiFi/Internet Connectivity

Ample Parking Space

AV Equipment

Catering Options

Indoor and Outdoor Space

Why Choose Us

When it comes to finding the perfect space for corporate event in Noida, Serenia stands out as the ideal choice. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of options suitable for your event space needs.

Diverse Event Spaces

A wide array of corporate venues and event spaces in Noida ensures the ideal venue for every occasion, whether you're seeking a grand corporate party venue or space for a small business meet-up.

Accessible Location

Serenia enjoys a prime location on the Noida Expressway, ensuring convenient access for all your event attendees.

Equipped with High-end A/V Systems

Make your event tech-savvy with our AV-equipped corporate party venues in Noida. Seamless presentations and captivating visuals are just a reservation away.

Smooth Event Planning

We're here to assist you at every step, making your event stress-free. Rely on our professionals at our business event venues in Noida for flawless event planning - from start to finish.

Teams That Trusts Serenia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of events can I host at Serenia?

Serenia provides flexible corporate event venues in Noida – perfect for corporate meetings, conferences, workshops, art exhibitions, business parties, and private gatherings. We tailor our spaces to suit your event requirements.

Are the event halls at Serenia wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are committed to ensuring inclusivity. Our business event venues in Noida (including event halls) are wheelchair accessible. We comply with accessibility standards to accommodate all attendees comfortably.

Does Serenia offer Wi-Fi connectivity?

Yes. High-speed Wi-Fi is accessible throughout our facilities, guaranteeing a seamless online experience for your events.

What payment method can I use to confirm my booking?

We value your convenience in payments. You can pay with credit cards, make direct bank transfers. We also accept payment through all popular online payment platforms. In case of trouble, we can assist you during the payment process.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are flexible. We prioritise the success of your corporate event in Noida – whether it takes place during or outside regular business hours.

How can I contact Serenia's team for more information?

You can contact us conveniently through phone, email, or our contact form. We’re here to assist with all your inquiries regarding space rental at Serenia and any query about event planning.

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