Welcome to Serenia by IHDP in Noida, your perfect coworking space. Our photo gallery showcases the essence of Serenia’s unique offerings.

In this photo gallery, you will observe IHDP’s resort-like architecture, that offers a perfect blend of corporate culture and nature through our biophilic design. You will also find images of our versatile amphitheater, well-equipped meeting rooms, vibrant cafeteria, comfortable private cabins and desks, and recreational zones.

Picture yourself in our professional meeting spaces, that fosters productivity and collaboration.

Explore the perennial green spaces offering a breather in the middle of busy workdays.

Get a glimpse of our inviting cafeteria, where networking opportunities thrive amid delicious culinary offerings.

Whether you seek privacy in private cabins or flexibility at dedicated desks, or storage space for your electronics, Serenia’s coworking space can be perfect for all your requirements.

Join us today and experience the future of workspace in Noida.