Serenia Introduces Customised Managed Spaces in Noida

IHDP’s Serenia offers managed spaces for mega enterprises promising spacious and custom work setting 

Noida, August 24, 2023 – IHDP’s Serenia, a pioneering name in innovative workspace solutions, is proud to announce a game-changing milestone with the launch of its fully-customised managed spaces in Noida. Catering exclusively to mega enterprises and ambitious startup ventures, Serenia’s new offering promises to redefine the workspace landscape in Delhi NCR.

“Serenia’s managed spaces are expertly designed to offer businesses the flexibility to shape their perfect workspace, resonating seamlessly with their unique brand persona, operational prerequisites, and visions of growth,” as remarked by a spokesperson at Serenia. “Showcasing spacious layouts and state-of-the-art amenities, IHDP’s Serenia paves the way for businesses of all magnitudes to succeed within a setting that echoes their vision.”

IHDP’s Serenia is dedicated to offering top-notch amenities, ergonomic designs, and a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality in its managed spaces. This commitment transforms these spaces into hubs of productivity and growth for businesses seeking unparalleled working environments.

Alongside fully customizable managed spaces, Serenia also offers flexible lease terms to address businesses in search of personalised and spacious work setups. You can resize, reshape, and reconfigure your workspace as your business evolves. “Scale without the hassle and rigid contracts, just tailored workspace solutions,” — Serenia claims.

“We understand that mega enterprises and big startups have distinctive demands when it comes to their workspaces,” stated Ashish Gupta, Director at Serenia. “Our fully-customised managed spaces provide the perfect solution by offering tailored environments that promote collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of purpose.”

The launch of fully-customised managed spaces in Noida by IHDP’s Serenia is a testament to the organisation’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of workspace innovation. By catering to the distinct needs of mega enterprises and big startups, Serenia is set to redefine the way businesses experience and engage with their work environments.

About Serenia

IHDP is a leading provider of innovative workspace solutions that are designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and growth. With a focus on catering to businesses of all sizes, Serenia in IHDP’s business park offers customizable managed spaces that empower enterprises to create work environments that align with their brand identity and business objectives.


Serenia by IHDP Business Park
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Manager – Sales and Marketing


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